Cabinet ISIS is the brain child of Barristers  Judith Samantha TCHIMMOE FEZEU and others, who were driven by the desire to create in Africa a modern and dynamic Law Firm that responds closely to the needs of its clients. Guided by this, Cabinet ISIS is always on hand to do your bidding and offers customized assistance, expedited by seasoned Lawyers who specialize in all aspects of business life through Africa. 

Cabinet ISIS will help and accompany you at each stage of your business, at creation as well as during its day-to-day activities. It will help you secure upstream all your contracts, trade negotiations and partnership agreements. 

Our Lawyers are specialized in intellectual property matters and in corporate and commercial Law. Therefore, as business is often the source of disputes, Cabinet ISIS will be your technical and strategic partner during any litigation before the Law-Courts and Arbitration bodies. 

In addition to our two Cameroon-based offices (Yaounde and Douala) for OAPI-African Union filings (Benin - Burkina Faso - Cameroon - Central African Republic - Chad - Comoros (from May 25, 2013) - Republic of Congo - Equatorial Guinea - Guinea - Guinea Bissau - Gabon - Ivory Coast - Mali - Mauritania - Niger - Senegal - Togo), we also have Offices and Agents in the following African countries: Angola - Botswana - Burundi - Cape Verde - Democratic Republic of Congo - Djibouti - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Gambia - Ghana - Djibouti - Lesotho - Liberia - Kenya - Madagascar - Malawi - Mauritius - Mozambique - Namibia - Nigeria - Rwanda - Sao Tome & Principe - Seychelles - Sierra Leone - Somalia - South Africa - Sudan - South Sudan - Swaziland - Tanzania - Uganda - Zambia - Zanzibar - Zimbabwe.